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For all those people who say "No one Ever Tells Me Anything!"
Well, here's your answer...

When you have a question on when something is going to happen just check
it out on the web.
All up coming events.


  1st - Work Day for Bldg & Grnd. 8 am - noon
  2nd - 9th - Annie Armstrong Offering Week
  3rd - WOM Meeting for all women  6 pm
  4th - WOM Prayer for Annie Armstrong            
          Week 6 pm
  5th -   WOM in charge of worship service 7 pm
  7th - College and Career (check w/Doris Green)
  9th - Sunday Morning Brotherhood Breakfast at 7 am-
          Speaker, Danny Wilkes, for all men
 15th - Bldg and Grnd Work day 8 am - noon
 19th - Church Council  6 pm            

MARCH cont'd.

 22nd Children's trip to Tallahassee
 26th - Deacon's Meeting 6 pm
 27th - 29th - Youth trip to Laguna Beach
           Panama City
 29th - Winchester/Jones Wedding
 30th - Fifth Sunday Dinner w/Birthday and                                                Anniv. Cake after morning service (no                                      evening service.


  4th-5th - Lake Yale Conference
  7th - WOM Meeting  6 pm
 11th - College & Career
 11th - 12th  - Youth - Gracefest Concert
           in Pensacola
 12th - Bldg & Grnds Work Day 8 am to noon
 13th - Palm Sunday
 20th - Easter Sunday
           Sunrise Service and Breakfast
           AM Service - Choir Special Music
           no evening service
 23rd - Deacon's Meeting  6 pm
 24th - WOM trip to Tallahassee Children's             Home
 26th - Children - trip to Adventure Land in
 27th - Birthday and Anniversary Cake after
           evening service.

   Nov. 4th:   Women on Mission 6:00 pm - All women invited
        Nov. 5th:    Be sure to VOTE !!!
        Nov. 10th:  Men's Breakfast at church 7:00 am
        Nov. 10th:  Angel Tree Sunday
        Nov. 15th:  Kids Group- Friday Night Lock-in 7 pm to 7 am Saturday
        Nov. 24th:  Thanksgiving Concert 5 pm followed by Churchwide
                                        Thanksgiving Dinner at 6 pm - Bring a canned food item!!
                   Celebrate Birthday/Anniversary with cake.
        Dec. 1st:     All money for Angel Tree gifts should be in NOW - THANKS.
        Dec. 1st:     Kids Group, Pre-K to 6th- Special lunch and craft gifts at church
        Dec. 2nd:   Women On Mission 6:00 pm Christmas Party
        Dec. 4th:    Kids Group 6 to 8 pm Nursing Home to sing and give gifts
        Dec. 14th:  Churchwide Christmas Dinner 6 pm - Bring canned goods!!
        Dec. 18th:  Open House for Angel Tree recipients  7:00 pm
        Dec. 22nd: Christmas Cantata 6 pm followed by Birthday/Anniv. cake
        Dec. 23rd:  Churchwide Caroling 6:00 pm followed with refreshments
                                        at the Woodruff's
        Dec. 25th:  Evening worship service 7:00 pm
        Dec. 31st:   Family Life Watch Night Service 9:00 pm and refreshments Monday 7/8  6 PM  W.O.M. Meeting at church
 Tuesday  7/16  6 PM  Associaiton Executive Board Meeting at our church
                            followed by 7 PM service featuring Patriotic Program
  Saturday 7/20  10 to 3 Churchwide Picnic at McCormick Lake - Bring the
                            fixings to go with the Hot Dogs and Hamburgers
 Sunday 7/28  Ladies Ensemble from St. Andrews Baptist Church followed
                            by the Birthday and Anniversary Cake at church
 Monday 8/5  School starts
 Monday 8/5  6 PM  W.O.M. meeting at church
 Saturday 8/17  "Won By Faith" Quartet Concert - Love Offering
 Sunday 8/25   Birthday and Anniversary Cake at  church after evening service

SEE YOU THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!