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A   B   C   NEWS                                   March - April  2003

  The 5th Annual Ladies Night of Renewal was a huge success and
   fun was had by all!!  The following ladies each decorated their own
   table:  Mary Ballard, Jeannie Kemper, Karen Burnett with Wendy
   Wheeler, Doris Green, Carrie Williams, Phyllis Tate, Ruth Kirby,
   and Melissa Godwin.   The Baby sitters were Jonathan Burnett
   and Jesse McRoy and the Servers were:  Freddie Foran, Al Weisel,
   Al Richner, Tom Kirby, Paul Kemper, Jim Ballard, Jack McCuen,
                                 Chuck Tate, Dewayne Wheeler and Jamie Foran.  A special thanks                                              to all who participated.
    The Bethel Baptist Men's Quartet from Dothan sang Gospel Music and were fantastic.
          Mr. Sonny Glover, Missionary from Romania was the evening's speaker and was very                                  informative and enjoyable.  Sorry if you missed it!!!


                        TWO NEW MINISTRIES TO REPORT  

    At the Feb. 26th Business Meeting, Pastor Tommy presented Joey Woodruff as  the
    newly appointed Minister of Senior Adults and Chuck Tate as the newly appointed
    Hospital Chaplain.


    This past Sunday Evening the Youth led the services with solo singing, prayer and
    two sermonettes.  They did a wonderful job and we can be proud of our Youth!!!!
    Deacon Art Green and Lola Allard, leaders of the Youth Group, are doing a fine job
         as you can see.  Watch out, Tommy, the Youth are after your job!!!


    A new Sunday School class has just been formed for ages 30 thru 45 under the
         leadership of Mrs. Jeannie Kemper, starting March 2nd. We hope all qualified persons
    will take advantage of this new class.
A.B.C news          HAPPY



Shannon Whitehead  3/3;  Jack McCuen  3/8;
Jennifer Baxley  3/9;   John Burnett  3/21;
Joyce Cason 3/22;  Joe Davis 3/23; Virginia Zeigler 3/25
Collie Mattox 3/25;   Rita McGuire 3/25.

Tyler Fisher 4/14;  Tabatha Burnett 4/17;
John Winchester 4/20;  Wendy Wheeler  4/22;
Donna Seedorf 4/24;  Jamie Godwin 4/24.




Tom and Ruth Kirby  #52 on 3/16
Benny and Deb Ingram  #8 on 3/31
Joe and Lucile Davis  #66 on 4/17
Chuck and Phyllis Tate   #47 on 4/27
    Congratulations to Charlie Woodruff, named September Student of the Month at Marianna Middle
    School.        Way to go - Charlie!!!

Our next Festival was held on Thursday night, October 31st, Halloween Night.
      As you can see, everyone was having a good time and ate lots of goodies!!
      Hot dogs, Chili, popcorn, cupcakes, and oodles of candy!!   The children had
      a great time playing games to earn the tickets for the food and the adults took
      part in all that also!!  Much thanks to the Family Life Ministry for their superb
      planning!!  This was a very successful outreach to our community and several
      children received the Lord in the Witness Room!!

    We have started a "Prayer Walkers" program.  On Wednesday night, October 23rd, five women
    came out to walk about 12 to 15 blocks on the east side of Hwy 231, praying for each house as we
    walked by.  We hope to do this, weather permitting, at least twice a month, covering the whole of

    The women continue to donate canned goods and other food items to the Chipola Christian Ministry
    in Marianna.  Mr. Ottis Mann is most appreciative of their efforts.  They always need food but are
    also in need of men's pants and jeans, size 36 and smaller, and all sizes of men's shirts.  They are always
    in need of large women's clothing size 18 and up.  Any way you can help would be most appreciated.
We are starting a new effort this year in partnership with the Prison Fellowship known as the Angel Tree
Ministry.  This unique ministry gives our church an opportunity to share Christ's love at Christmas each
year by helping to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the families of prisoners.  More will
be said of this in a couple of weeks.  STAY TUNED!!!!

                                                                                                              July/August  2002

The June 30th Patriotic Program was so inspirational!!!  The Choir, under the leadership of
Mrs. Donna Seedorf, performed brilliantly and certainly looked the part with their patriotic
ties and vests!!!  It was very hard not to have a tear or two in your eyes!  The message was
brought to us by Mr. and Mrs. Bob Anders.  Chaplain Bob Anders, Lt. Col. of the U.S. Air Force
Reserve 908th Airlift Wing, is Chief Chaplain and the Senior ranking U.S.Air Force Reserve
Chaplain in the state of Alabama.  He is a life member of the Reserve Officer Association and
was selected 2002 ROA Chaplain of the Year.  Bob also serves as the Pastor of Pine Level
Baptist Church, south of Montgomery, AL.  Lt. Col. Carol Anders also serves in the U.S.Air
Force Reserve 908th Aero Medical Staging Squadrom.  She is the Chief Nurse.  She is a life
member of the Reserve Officer Associaiton and is a Family Nurse Practitioner with the
responsibility of the medical care of approx. 200 patients.  They are, by the way, the brother and
sister-in-law of Mrs. Donna Seedorf.  (So they are FAMILY!!)

Following the morning service we had an outstanding 5th Sunday Dinner in the Fellowship Hall with approximately 100 attending.  The Social Committee once again outdid themselves with the decorations and food supplied.  There was baked and fried chicken along with ALL the fixings.  No one went home hungry!!!

Those that were unable to attend missed the highlight of the year so far!!  Please plan on attending a special rerun on Tuesday, July 16th at 7 PM.
                                                            God, today help me to serve You because I love You.



Our Vacation Bible School was a very successful event.  Our total attendance was 50 kids and the rest were adult workers.   We had 5 kids accept Christ as their Savior.  We had so much fun with crafts and recreation and music.  The Bible and mission stories were so well presented and the snacks were spiritual as well as yummy.  We raised almost $500.00   for the Florida Baptist Children's Home in Tallahassee.  THANK YOU to all who helped and those who prayed us thru the week.  All the glory belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ !!!

   Donna and Friend     Abby,Brenda,Wendy  Tommy & Friend      Craft Class
Excerpt from TITHING ON OUR CHURCHES TODAY by Dr. Ralph Wilson

    "Things haven't changed a great deal in our day.  In Christian congregations all over our land, people who
    pride themselves on their faith in Jesus Christ bring a $20 bill every Suncay and place it in the offering
    plate each week and feel good about it.  But let's look at it closely.  Let's say the family receives $25,000
    per year in gross income, or $35,000, or $45,000.  What would be a weekly tithe -- 10% of those salaries
    or wages -- amount to?  Get your calculator and figure it out.  If you divide $25,000 by 52 weeks you get
    an income of $480 per week.  A tithe on $480 is $48 per week.  The weekly titahy for a family making
    $35,000 is $67.31; for $45,000 it is $86.54 per week.
                Let me ask you plainly:  DO YOU TITHE?"


Michelle Blewett 7-1; Michael Blewett 7-4;  Brenda Blue 7-4; Joey Woodruff 7-15
Katlyn Hadden 8-1; Lola Tucker 8-3; Ashley White 8-6; Chris Lindahl 8-6;
Bill Richardson 8-9; Phyllis Tate 8-14; Patti Corbin 8-17; Rocky McRoy 8-17;
Chuck Tate 8-20; Nathan Seedorf  8-28;  Shayne Carter 8-29


Bo and Brenda Blue will celebrate their 35th on 7-12
Jim and Mary Ballard will celebrate their 13th on 7-15
Freddie and Murray Foran will celebrate their 30th on 8-5
Jim and Virginia Zeigler will celebrate their 50th on 8-23

 Make me sensitive to the needs of those around me..............              Lord, put me where You want me and use me today.....................
                                                                    May the eyes of my heart, O Lord, be open to your leading..............

                                                           May - June 2002

                                                     Al Weisel trying for a homerun!!!

                         Our Spring Jamboree on Saturday, April 20th was a blast for all who came out.  Lots of good
                 cooking, fun and fellowship, thanks to the Family Life Committee!!     Thanks everyone!!!


                         A note from Chuck and Phyllis Tate:

        First Thessalonians 5:18 says: "In everything give thanks..."   We would like to take this opportunity
                       to thank our substitute teachers, Ardry Haddock and Therese Richneer, for filling in for us whenever
                we are gone.  Thank you, Ardry and Therese, for willingly giving of your time and talents to see that
                       the Word of God is taught and discussed in the Senior Adult Women and the Adult II Couples classes.
                       May God richly bless you.


Mother's Day, May 12th
Ice Cream Social

                The Social Committee will be serving Homemade Ice Cream after the
            evening service for the whole church - so plan on being there to partake of the

                Lord, give me strength to submit myself completely to Your control, no matter
                what the cost.


            Yes, we celebrated Donna's birthday at the Youth's Spaghetti Dinner
        on Wednesday, April 24th.  She was very surprised at the "roast" we gave her!!!
        The dinner was delicious and we commend the Youth for their fine work and


            Carrie Williams, Therese Richner, Ardry Haddock, Lucile Davis along with
            Al and Shirley Weisel can be seen enjoying the food and entertainment at the
            Florida Baptist Children's Home in Tallahassee on Thurs., April 25th.  Doris
            Green and Michelle Blewett sstarted out with us but ended up on I-10 waiting
            for a tow truck!!  In spite of that, it was a grand day - the Home is worth the
            trip to see!!

                   HAPPY BIRTHDAY
        Jeannette Baxley 5-4; Tom Kirby 5-9; Mary Mattox 5-11;
        Julie Speraw 5-13; Jonathan Burnett 5-17; Neil Tucker 5-25;
        Karen Burnett 5-26; Art Cason 5-29

        Steven Kreitzer 6-3; Lucile Davis 6-4; Dustin Whitehead 6-4;
        Justin Whitehead 6-4; Therese Richner 6-8; Tommy Seedorf 6-14;
        Mary Abbott 6-17; Alice Richardson 6-18; Effie Fey 6-22;
        Sharon McRoy 6-30


                                              Jack and Lois McCuen  5-19 (#41)
                                                           Collie and Mary Mattox  5-29  (#49)
                                                           Chad and Patti Corbin  6-2 (#1)
                                                           Art and Joyce Cason  6-14  (#5)
                                                                          Alvin and Therese Richner  6-26 (#45)

                    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL !!!!

                     We're too blessed to be depressed !!!

    Wisdom has two parts:  1) Having a lot to say 2) Not saying it.