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Meaning of life
Most people go thorough life looking for its meaning.  After all there must be a reason we are all here. With the world in such a chaotic state we are reminded daily that our life is short and that it can end at any time.  When we send our children to school we really don't know if they are going to come home safely or not.  It is pretty sad when we think about,
this breath may just be our last.  Just like the soldiers on the front line of Germany during W.W.II, our life is on the line daily.

Answer to life problems

Although we don't know the date or time of our death we can be prepared for it.  But before we look at that lets look at the purpose for being here. A long time before the first TV was turned on or the first plane took to the air. Before even the first boat was place ever so lovingly in the water of the earth, the was some one who wanted some friends to be around.  That person was God.  He wanted to be around people for they were "very good".