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From The Desk Of Our Pastor  
Sunday, October 1, 2000 (morning)  
God Is On Your Side
Common Lies:
          1. "God is Mad at me"
2. "God is going to punish me"
3. "God is giong to punish me"
          4. "God is no longer active in my life,
                I have driven Him away because
                of my sin"
          5. Others
Romans 8:1,12-17,23-39
God Knew You Before You Ever Were
Even before your parents even a clue you would exist one day, God
Intimately knew all there was to know about you
Before your Grandfather asked your Grandmother for a date,
God knew you
Before you were, God had a personalized and tailor made plan for you
God loved you even before Adam & Eve were created!!!
In other words, God foreknew you & loved you
Isn't it great to know God is on YOUR side
God Predestined Your Life
God said "whosoever wll", but God knew you before you made a choice
what you would choose, so He made a plan
Ephesian 1:4 & 3:11     Romans 8:28,29
Predestinated in Greek "proginosko" (pro-gi-nos-ko)
          Pro:  Before         Ginosko: to know
God's knows you before. He pre-knew you.
There is nothing that God can't learn because he has always known it
it all. There is nothing God doesn't know.
The "good" in Romans 8:28 does not mean things worked out the way
we wanted them to, but the way God intended. We can never separate
verses 28 & 29.
---- God was determined & still is determined to take care of us ----
God is actively involved in every part of your life
Romans 8:28 "causes" & Phil. 1:6    ***God Is always Present
*** It is bad theology to say the LORD is always near.  Better, He is always
here. It is impossible to ever be separated, alone or distanced from God
We walk by faith not by feelings. We use that Cliche a lot yet believe
differently.  Never lose the principle of this concept
"We walk by Faith and God honors faith and that is a fact!"
The Intercessory Prayer Life of Jesus Christ and
the Holy Spirit
Romans 8:26,34
Have you ever wondered what Jesus is doing right now?
He is Praying and is still involved!
God don't listen to your words but your heart and the intents of your heart
How about the Holy Spirit? In verse 26 it says the Holy Spirit is praying
for us also.  So by the time our prayers make it to the throne of grace
it has been tailor made on our behalf.
Us > Holy Spirit > Jesus Christ > The Throne Of Grace
Christians have assured victory
Romans 8:37      "more than conquerors"
II Cor 2:14           "always leads"      
Jude 24               "Is able to make you stand"  
I Cor. 15:57         "Gives"
I John 4:4             "Stronger"    
I John 5:4-5         
Luke 10:19          "Victory over the enemy
"You are on the winning team"
Just Read the last chapter of Revelation

From the Desk of Pastor Tommy Seedorf:
              ME AND MY BIBLE
   Text: II Timothy 3:16-17    The Six "P's"          
1. The Bible Produces Life: Hebrews 4:12
2. The Bible Promotes Growth: I Peter 2:1-2
3. The Bible Provides Cleansing: John 15:3, Psalm 119:9-11
4. The Bible Perfects the Believer: II Timothy 3:16-17
   Through teaching, reproof, correction, training in righteousness and equipping the man of God.
5. The Bible Protects the Saints: Ephesians 6:10-17
6. The Bible Portrays a Savior: Luke 24:27 (The Bible is "all about Christ")